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Want a central heating system installed to keep you warm during the winter? You can get an energy efficient system installed at your property by the experts at White Plumbing Ltd. Get in touch today for a full design and installation service.

Keeping you warm when it's cold!


If you're looking for a central heating system installation then we make it easy for you. You benefit from being able to choose from a variety of heating options and radiators that suit the style of your home. From gravity-fed central heating systems to high pressured or combination boilers, you get a choice of quality systems.

Get a central heating system installed in your property

  • Gravity-fed central heating systems

  • High pressured central heating systems

  • Combination boiler central heating systems

Central heating systems can seem difficult to decide on, which is why you'll get our expert help. You'll get analysis on the pros and cons of each system and it will be designed to match the style of your property.

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What you can choose

Helping you decide

Our central heating design service works to ensure you get a solution that's cost effective and right for you. We take account of the size of your property, its age, number of occupants and other factors when designing your system. You'll then benefit from experienced engineers installing it for you. Call us today and get your high quality central heating solution.

Central heating design and installation

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